Let’s Build  Better orld.

Let's Build a Better World

Gayanga Co. is a construction and infrastructure improvement firm empowering personal and community-level transformation to create thriving neighborhoods. We are headquartered in Detroit, and seek to have a meaningful impact on the communities we build. Every employee. Every community. Everywhere.

About Us

We Unleash community potential.

We believe that community development requires more than just infrastructure. A better world requires economic mobility. Education. Safety. Our internal hiring and external community initiatives live out these values and create a blueprint for successful change.

Our Initiatives

Let's Clear the Way for Something Different.

Through environmental best practices, community investment, and software development, Gayanga Co. inspires development that leaves a lasting legacy.

About Us

Work that transforms.

At our core, we are agents of change. Changing cities. Changing landscapes. Changing community trajectories. Gayanga Co. commits to every project in the pursuit of building a collective future.

PROJECT Detroit Demolition Program
City of Detroit
Commercial & Residential Demolition // Environmental Abatement Management // Site Regrading // Trucking & Hauling
PROJECT Conners Creek Power Plant
DTE Energy
Commercial Demolition // Site Clearing and Debris Disposal // Excavation Services

Join Our Team

Gayanga Co. hires community members who are unemployed, underemployed, or face traditional barriers to employment. Through our education and training efforts, we provide access to full living wage opportunities.