You see construction.
We see community development.

At Gayanga Co., developing the aspirations of a community is intertwined with developing landscapes and structures. And this spirit of development shines through every project. From a single house demolition to the clearing of an entire power plant, we are always using our expert vision with an eye towards better. Our comprehensive services include all of the traditional needs in the construction engineering industry. But our approach is different. More imaginative. Prepared to develop.

Gayanga Co. is a licensed, bonded, and insured construction engineering startup.

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Total Demolition

As a demolition contractor, our complete dismantling process is thorough and complies entirely with OSHA safety standards. We design our engineering projects with a paramount emphasis on community and employee safety. Blight removal safely occurs after demolition to provide new economic and neighborhood opportunities.

Demolition contractor services include…

  • Commercial and residential structures
  • Industrial demolition
  • Complete and selective interior demolition
  • Pre-demolition, site-specific engineering surveying
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous debris hauling
  • Final site grading
  • Restoration and site cleanup
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Underground Water Utilities

Underground water utility improvements may include full construction or the repair and adjustment of subsurface structures designed to transport storm water and/or sanitary waste water.

Underground water utilities services include…

  • Water and sewer pipeline installation
  • Water and sewer main replacement, repair, and restoration
  • Excavation and underground utilities
  • Point repairs and emergency service work
  • Water main repairs
  • Waterline, sanitary sewer, and storm drain installation
  • Inspection and installation of catch basins and manholes
  • Sinkhole repairs
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Underground Electrical Utilities

Underground electrical utility improvements may include full construction or the repair and adjustment of subsurface structures designed to connect electrical service from supply to commercial structures.

Underground water utilities services include…

  • Primary duct banks
  • Secondary duct banks
  • Direct burial duct banks
  • Encased duct banks
  • Inspection and installation of manholes and hand holes
  • Excavation and earthwork related to electrical utilities
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Site Clearing, Excavation, and Earthwork

Clearing a site can be the first step to new development and new possibilities. We help create a blank canvas on which to paint a portrait of permanent impact.

Site clearing, excavation, and earthwork services include…

  • Undercutting
  • Site grading
  • Installation of silt fencing
  • Water control
  • Soil erosion protection
  • Removal and disposal of debris
  • Sediment ponds installation
  • Berms construction
  • Sinkhole repairs
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Environmental Services

The Gayanga Co. team is ready to manage features of the environment that may become relevant during the demolition or construction processes.

Environmental services include…

  • Environmental surveys
  • Onsite air monitoring services
  • Working out of environmental trailers
  • In-house industrial hygienist
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Asbestos and Lead Abatement

Our key personnel are trained and licensed in all facets of asbestos remediation and mold abatement. Removing these environmental factors can prevent serious health complications, and in some cases, may be required by law.

Mold and asbestos abatement services include…

  • Harmful materials testing
  • Removal of asbestos and mold with certified equipment
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Asset Recovery

When performed correctly, asset recovery can identify valuable resources that might be concealed within the structures we dismantle or remove.

Asset recovery services include…

  • Scrap recovery
  • Market valuations
  • Identification
  • Maximization
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To complete trucking jobs of all sizes, Gayanga Co. fleets use Samsara, an innovative IoT company and connected operations cloud that increases efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Trucking services include…

  • Hauling semis
  • Trains
  • Woodboxes
  • Transporting via flatbeds
  • Debris removal and excavation
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