About Us  |  Our Vision

We are the new model for
impactful infrastructure.

At Gayanga Co., we tear down the old. Pave the way for the new. Help clear the path for what’s needed and what’s to come. But that’s only the beginning. In the process, we train and elevate individuals for a lifetime of advanced skills — improving both the infrastructure of a place and creating thriving, sustainable communities in the process. Let’s leave an impact. Together.

Our Team

Intense passion meets fearless optimism.

Gayanga Co. takes its name from Gaspar Yanga, the leader of an escaped colony of enslaved Africans in Mexico during Spanish 16th and 17th century colonial rule. His story has guided our fearless spirit since the inception. Now our story guides a new model for a more beautiful future.

Our History

Let’s create true and lasting change.

Our mission is simple: impact. We help communities physically improve through demolition, construction, and renewal. With expertise in everything from electrical utilities to asbestos abatement to commercial demolition, we are always focused on infrastructure permanence. Because permanent building blocks are the catalyst for lasting change.

Our Services

We unleash community potential.

We believe that community development requires more than just infrastructure. That’s why we provide community members with opportunities for economic mobility, education, and safety.

Our Initiatives