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The experience
to develop progress.

Gayanga Co. was founded in 2016 as a Detroit-headquartered, certified minority-owned construction engineering firm. Over the course of our development, we have assembled a core senior management team with over 100 years of combined experience in critical leadership roles covering all aspects of developing, designing, planning, engineering, and managing construction projects. Our core senior management team has overseen construction projects exceeding 500+ million dollars in total contract awards.

The story of Gaspar Yanga, leader of an escaped (Maroon) colony of enslaved Africans in Mexico during Spanish 16th and 17th century colonial rule, embodies our existence. Yanga instilled a passion for self-determination and liberty in his people. As a result, Gaspar Yanga’s group was able to achieve independent status within Mexico, becoming the first free colony of Africans in North America. We keep Yanga’s story in mind as we work to create a lasting legacy of inclusivity in urban environments across the country.

Rooted in innovation. Always branching

We think beyond the boxes that need to be checked. We use modern tools and advanced software. We unleash potential. Because setting the new standard for community development and construction requires a truly novel approach. Even when the job is done, it’s just the beginning.

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Three goals.
One mission.

We strive to be a vehicle of empowerment for urban environments everywhere. Our work physically transforms the landscape, but our mission transforms how community members live and interact on a daily basis. Explore the three goals that guide our pursuit to reimagine a better world.


Create opportunity

Gayanga Co. is committed to offering middle-class job opportunities for upward economic mobility. We create opportunities for financially stable households and address factors associated with the poverty cycle including physical health, mental health, and family stability. Since access to affordable healthcare is one of the largest challenges for low-income households, Gayanga Co. intentionally creates compensation structures that offer healthcare plans for its employees.


Ensure public safety

All of our projects are performed in a way that ensures the safety of the surrounding community. We use the highest safety precautions that protect both our field team and our neighbors.


Expand water access

A community cannot thrive without basic essentials. We are committed to correcting the deterioration of our water infrastructure in order to bring clean drinking water to all communities.

Our Team

Gayanga Co. hires community members who are unemployed, underemployed, or face traditional barriers to employment. Through our education and training efforts, we provide access to full living wage opportunities.